Tech Giants Apple, Amazon and Google Team Together to Build Smart Home Standard

Posted on Dec 20, 2019

Apple, Amazon and Google have teamed up to form an alliance that will create a smart home connectivity standard enabling devices to seamlessly link together. Google have expressed their goal to “bring together market-tested technologies” as the absence of an industry-wide standard has caused problems for users, as they fail to understand which devices can and cannot be connected in a smart home system. The companies will be led by the Zigbee Alliance, a group of organisations that meet an open standard which enables devices to connect so long as they are in close proximity to one another. The alliance plans to build the communication standard on internet protocol, allowing devices to easily connect together based on shared data. Critics believe that this new standard will set a foundation for the Internet of Things (IoT) to perform effectively. Major players in the tech world already hold a great deal of interest in the market of smart home devices, as the market may potentially be worth $175 billion in the next five years.